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Rod Macedo
Founder of
Rod here. Thanks for being a pet-friend! You're my people. Couple of years ago I had an experience that was too difficult to walk with my pet across the city. Business don't accept my pet in the stores, public transportation... (More)
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RN Valves & Faucets
Valve Manufacturers in India
Ball valves are an excellent alternative when a tight seal is required when the valve is closed due to even sealing stress. They can even move solid, liquid, and gaseous material as well as fluids in all three states. Read... (More)

What is Platform Phoenix

Platform Phoenix is about:

- Profitable Cooperation: our specialists are always ready to help you with your projects, supporting you at every stage;

- Social and Mobile Support: our specialists are available for you at any time;

- Industrial Solutions:... (More)

Online Traning
Interactive Online Learning | ecadema - it’s time

Get Online Distance Learning Classes

Online distance learning provides opportunities to an ever-growing population of learners who do not prefer traditional classroom settings. These learners include people who live in remote locations and work full-time so prefer to learn independently. The basic requirement for students... (More)